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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Revit Detailing

Got an hour tomorrow at lunchtime? Put it to good use… Join me for part one the Revit Detailing class. This is a two-part class on the detailing tools and features in Revit Architecture. (Although I see no reason why it wouldn’t apply to Structure and MEP as well). I know training budgets are in tatters and travel budgets are nearly non-existent. So I priced this very affordably and you can stay at your office, login to the session and learn what Revit can do for your detailing. Heck it’s only an hour of your time tomorrow and an hour next week. Grab a sandwich, pull up a chair and turn up the speakers. Let’s draw some details! (that’s about as exciting as I can make detailing sound… :-)

For complete details, visit the registration page.

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