Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update to Mastering Revit Architecture Metric Dataset

A reader pointed out to me that the metric files for Chapter 10 in Mastering Revit Architecture 2010 were incorrect. Many apologies for the confusion. I have posted a new version of the 10 Commercial-Metric.rvt file online. If you are using metric units in Mastering Revit Architecture, please download and unzip it to your Chapter10 folder. Thank you very much.

Also, related to Chapter 10 and the Family Editor, be sure to check out the Mastering the Family Editor series on DVD. You can find more about them at www.paulaubin.com/lrt (Enter coupon code: EYFEBJ7Q at checkout for 10% off of all DVDs).

Monday, February 1, 2010

Off Topic - Minor Pet Peeve

On the subject of social media.

I am formulating a more complete post on social media, but in the meantime, a quick pet peeve of mine. I have been a member of Plaxo and Linked In for several years. (I only just got on to FaceBook and Twitter). In general, my policy with respect to requests on Linked In is to accept them. (You never know when new business will come your way...) However, please, if I have never met you, or we just shook hands at AU, do not request to join my network as a "friend." Despite what FaceBook says, in my mind to be a friend, you must be someone who I have spent time with socially (real time, not virtual time), or someone I would choose to spend time with even if there was no business incentive to do so, and/or someone I have known longer than the existence of the the aforementioned social media sites.

So, by my way of thinking, if I have never met you face to face, or only met you in passing, I cannot define that as: "Friend." Please use one of the other options when reaching out. "We've done business together" or "We belong to the same group" are both excellent choices. If you use those, and promise not to spam, I will gladly accept the connection.

OK, rant over. Thanks for reading and humoring me.


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