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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Echo - Off topic Hotel Rooms

Just reading Steve Stafford's blog and his off topic musing about a recent hotel stay.

Ah yes. I can relate! I thought I would continue his train of thought here with few observations of my own. I tend to stay in Marriott properties, nothing too fancy. I like Residence Inn the best. It is a good blend of comfortable space, free Internet and Breakfast (and sometimes dinner) included at a reasonable price.

My comments here are not about a specific hotel as Steve's were as I am home right now, but I have seen plenty of trends myself. For example, I totally agree with you Steve about the poorly placed outlets. Why can't they just have a few well placed UNUSED outlets right near the night table? Steve mentioned the lights in the bathroom, I always seem to find the light in the main room too dim. If you get back to your room early enough, you can open the shades and let some real light in, but if it is later and getting dark outside, my experience is that the small lamps scattered about the room never seem to be bright enough.

But here's the one that always gets me: Almost every hotel these days has a little sign saying something like "Go Green" or "Help us Protect the Environment" or something like that. You go on to read that if you want to save water and waste less detergent and such, that you can reuse your towels. If you want to reuse your towels, hang them on the hook. If you want them washed, leave them on the floor. OK, seems reasonable. Most of the time I travel alone. there are three towels in the room to begin with. If I use each one twice, that is 6 days, and I usually only travel 3 - 5 days at a time. So I ALWAYS hang my towel. I figure, no need to wash these, its just me. I do not think I have EVER come back to my room to find the towel I left hanging still there. They always replace them anyway. So why have the sign? I remain baffled by this.

Anyhow, thanks Steve for the amusing post and the opportunity to commiserate.

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