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Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Lego" my eBay

And now for a weekend post. It is the end of an era in the Aubin household. The last of the Lego is being shipped out in a very heavy box to the lucky winner of an eBay auction. This is a bitter-sweet moment. I loved to play with Lego as a kid. Then my boys (now 12 and 10) became huge Lego aficionados, and I got to play again (ehem, I mean help them build). There were all manner of little plastic pieces on carpets, in heating registers and often lurking in my slippers for years around here. (It really hurts when you step on one of those bad boys you know). Well, it turns out if you have old Lego sets to sell, that eBay is the place. People pay good money for these sets if they are "gently used" and if all the pieces are there. You get much less for incomplete sets, but even big "lots" do well. So over the last several months, my wife has painstakingly collected, sorted and reassembled what seems like hundreds of Lego sets. (We try not to think about how much money we spent on these... but they did provide the boys countless hours of enjoyment, sot that is certainly worth something).

When you embark on this process, you do a little eBay searching and you go "Wow, we have that set, look how much it's going for!" Problem is, you have NO IDEA how long it takes to find all the pieces to be sure the set is complete.
My wife: "Did you find all the pieces?"
Me: "Yes"
My Wife: "Because people will complain if the set is not complete."
Me: "Yes, I know."
My Wife: "Did you find the right pieces?"
Me: "Yes"
My Wife: "Are you sure you didn't substitute anything?"
Me: "Ye, I'm Sure."

And so it goes. Until the very end (hours later, and I mean hours...) when you hear me:
Me (only now very tired): "$#*t, I can't find this last piece" "Are you sure we can't substitute?"
My wife: "Yes, I'm sure. And no we can't"
Me: "#$*t"
My wife: "Yes."

So any how, you get to a point where you just want them out. (Sort of I imagine how it will be when the kids get to college age... but that's another post). So you list a big "Lot." This is what we did. The last 50 lbs of Lego are leaving the building. Anyhow, I have to go the post office closes in a half hour. Until next time....

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