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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I made the list!

You know in grade school, having a name that started with "A" meant always sitting in first seat, first row... ICK. But as a professional, and when appearing on lists "not in any particular order" it is quite nice to have the "A".

David Baldacchino just published a list of names he recommends for speaking this year at Autodesk University. I am not sure how much weight the public voting has on the classes selected to AU, but it can be fun to participate. If you are planning to go to AU or attend AU Virtual this year, visit the voting site and cast your lot. (of course if a class you like now doesn't get picked, that could be a bummer)

I would also like to add a few names to David's list:

Matt Dillon
Robert Mencarini
Darryl McClelland
Martin Schmid
Matt Stachoni
Gregg Stanley

And I was surprised that David didn't mention our good friend Steve Stafford, but I don't see his name on the voting list, so maybe Steve is taking this year off... Bummer.

Anyhow, Thanks David for the shout out. Happy voting everyone.


Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi Paul! I was bummed too that Steve's name wasn't in the list. I'm sure if he goes he'll get himself involved somehow :) But trust me, I checked!

Paul F. Aubin said...

Guess we'll have to hold down the fort without him. Hey, cool classes you proposed. Looking forward to them.

Matt Stachoni said...

Oboy! A plug!! Thanks Paul!