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Monday, July 13, 2009

New Edition of Mastering AutoCAD Architecture

Having skipped the 2009 release, there has been a bit of a hiatus, but I am happy to say that the new edition of Mastering AutoCAD Architecture is well underway. The book remains 18 chapters plus appendices. This new completely revised edition will cover all of the topics of previous editions and is fully updated to utilize the new 2010 interface and ribbon. Chapter 1 through 6 have already been completed through tech edit. The manuscript for Chapters 7 through 9 and 13 through 15 are currently finished and in the hands of the tech editor. Those should be flowing through to the copy editor soon. Chapters 10 and 17 are currently in manuscript edit. For this edition, I have enlisted the services of David Koch to assist with manuscript edit. David is a long time member of the ACA user community and helps moderate the Autodesk ACA discussion forum. David has provided invaluable assistance to me in helping get these chapters updated quickly. At the current rate, we hope to finish the remaining manuscript by the end of the month and hopefully tech and copy edit shortly after that. That puts us well on track for a late summer, early fall release. I will post back here with more details as they become available.


Pedro Aroso said...


I think you should include a chapter about rendering in AutoCAD Architecture...

Paul F. Aubin said...

Hi Pedro:

That is a good suggestion. I'll consider it. But I have a lot on my plate with this book and new MEP book, so no promises.